Our commitment to quality

All companies of the Europichen Group are organized on the basis of a very professional and systematized management which is a hallmark of our working style.

Artesolar LED lighting since its creation, arises as a commitment that its products, services, systems and processes are always aimed at achieving the full satisfaction of its customers.

This commitment leads us to work focused in the following areas mainly:

  • Continuous improvement
  • Supplier management
  • Global standards

Leadership in management involves ensuring the development, implementation and continuous improvement of the systems of management of the Organization, ensuring that the expected results are achieved.

Artesolar LED lighting is committed to the development and implementation of management quality systems compliant with ISO 9001. Systems that are based on a solid leadership of the Directorate, which provides training and resources so that all the people who make the organization contributing from their daily activities to continuous improvement.

Artesolar LED lighting is aware of that, to meet the current needs, services, systems, processes and products must be respectful with the environment. Thus, it is necessary to identify and control potential environmental impacts and associated activities for not compromising the ability to meet future needs. The environmental management systems, the same occurring with the quality are supported by a solid leadership of the Directorate, which provides training and resources so that all the people who make Artesolar lighting contributing from their daily activities to environmental improvement.

Artesolar LED lighting has certificates of quality and environment corresponding to the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 international certification, granted by Aenor.

The certification SGS has valued the corporate approach of the systems of management of the company, the proven capability of deployment as well as the degree of implementation of the management systems.

The quality is evident in each of our actions and accompanies us in everything we do. Thus, each of the members of our company assumes its mission as his own, with the aim of ensuring the promise of quality in our products.

Through any of the tools of the management system integrated quality and environment (SGQMA onwards) promotes the culture of continuous improvement: detection of opportunities/needs improvement. The implementation of these improvements allow the competitiveness of business, increasing its capacity and effectiveness in a sustainable way.

Our SGQMA is based on our policy of quality and environment, which provides the framework for setting and reviewing our objectives.