About us

Our Company, Commitment. Professionalism . Innovation.

Artesolar Iluminación S.A. is a Spanish Company leader in LED technology.

Who we are

Artesolar LED lighting S.A. is a Spanish company located in Toledo, manufacturer and distributor of Led technology.

Artesolar activity started in 2010 with the start up own factories and a logistic center of 30.000m2 from where merchandise is sent to all of our customers.

In spite of your short life, Artesolar occupies a prominent position in the sector of LED lighting in Spain thanks to the quality of its products, the confidence of its customers and the success of major projects.

Among the most outstanding projects can name the lighting of the Palacio Real de Madrid, the station of Renfe pyramids, building district C Telefonica, the logistical Center of El Corte Inglés in Valdemoro, Heineken in Seville factory, Cospeles factory, library of the Reina Sofia Museum, etc.

Artesolar manufactures and supplies LED to bring to customers more efficient lighting. The Department of engineering and support made studies of luminous efficiency for our clients, providing advice and offering the most efficient alternative in the balance cost-consume-lighting.

On the other hand, training Department provides training, courses for our clients and distributors, which improve the level of knowledge to differentiate the Led products that are on the market.

The company has offices in all Spain, in addition to being present in several countries of Europe and Latin America.

Mission , Vision and values


Improve energy efficiency by obtaining huge savings in electricity consumption of our customers.


Continue at the forefront of LED technology by a determined commitment to I+D+i that makes that Artesolar products continue to be the tip of the Spear of the development of the sector.


The values that hold our reason of existing

We believe that the basis to have a successful company is having and following a solid philosophy that demonstrates the values and motivations that drive us forward and make us a large company.


We are people with attitude of truth and righteousness in our actions and thoughts.


We recognize the rights and dignity of all persons and institutions with which we have a relationship.

Leadership and excellence

We are committed to be always one step ahead in all the decisions and strategies, thus ensure our success and significance over time.


We are looking for change and are generators of ideas that drive us to be initiators of new projects and have a vision of art.


We work as a team, we collaborate, join forces and multiply our achievements.

Loyalty and trust

We are committed on a daily basis to defend what we are. We build confidence


We operate effectively, execute with precision and excellence. We put all our capacity and enthusiasm in the work to ensure that results are given with the required quality and thereby satisfy our customers.


We serve with passion in all we do.

Technology Artesolar

LED technology has arrived at our days and has moved to become the main lighting technology for years. The advantages and versatility offers are very large compared to traditional technologies.

LED Artesolar technology is characterized by innovation and the quality offered in their products, bringing yields and efficiencies that are currently in the "top" of the current technology. The versatility and the ability to manufacture of products "ad hoc" offering Artesolar allows to adapt to any need that demands currently on the market, thus becoming a referent manufacturer and can provide all the necessary facilities to adapt to the requirements of the customer

All products manufactured by Artesolar have passed the strictest controls of quality providing a highly reliable product.

LED technology is evolving, even though current products offer great energy savings. Therefore, Artesolar devotes important resources r & d, both in its Department of engineering and support and in collaboration with both Spanish and foreign universities, where are investigated and developed lines of work that will improve even more light efficiency.

The development of new products as systems of regulation, making even more efficient led technology, is another important branch of the development of Artesolar. The management and control of lighting, both exterior and interior, is a pillar of base in the development and commercialization of this technology: it Artesolar in this area is also firm.